Friday, June 5, 2009

Bike to Work Day

Bike to Work Day was a few weeks ago but please tell me you did it! I had a big problem with my chainrings, mostly the middle one actually. I'll explain that in another post. But I got that problem fixed just in time for Bike to Work Day!

I live in Alexandria Virginia and work in downtown Washington DC so it really wasn't too hard to get to work, I just needed help with directions. I did a test ride a week before and got totally lost but for the official day I met up with a friend.

On my way to work I stopped off at Market Square in Old Town Alexandria to get some swag (got some neat little wallets and keychains and stuff, pretty fun!) and meet my buddy.

There was barely anyone out there and it was 6:45 so I was pretty surprised, I thought a ton of people would be crowding the bike path.

Working our way through downtown Washington DC was pretty cool. I love riding through the city.

Here is a pic that a photographer took of me on Bike to Work Day (I stopped and got his email address) and I have some other pics I took oh my phone but can't find it right now. Did you ride and how was it?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

DoubleShot Duathlon is back!

The annual DoubleShot Duathlon Propaganda film is finally finished. Its the most anticipated race film of the year, and you can see it free, RIGHT HERE! - Brian @ the DoubleShot

DoubleShot Duathlon
5k run - 15k bike - 5k run
100% dirt singletrack
Turkey Mountain - Tulsa, Oklahoma
October 11, 2008

Prize money for top 3 male/female duathletes:

New this year is a 5k Trail Run!

Brought to you by DoubleShot Coffee Company:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Project Hardrock SS is no longer...

My wife and I just moved a few months ago from Tulsa to Washington DC.  Well, the Hardrock was in pretty bad shape so I took everything part and was going to try again after the move.  Just have the movers take the frame.  Should be easy enough, right?  Well, it's lost (but I think stolen).

That was my first bike (first real bike) ever.  I miss it more than I ever thought possible.  I even showered naked with it!  I should probably explain that.  In college, when my bike would get muddy, I would take it into the shower.  It was the easiest way, then after washing the bike I would wash myself.  Really, nothing weird going on here.

Look, I know it is the lowest model Specialized you can buy, and it wasn't even in the best of conditions, but it was my first bike.  It's what made me fall in love with mountain biking.  And it was going to be a kick a trick commuter.  But now it's nothing more than a memory...

Let's have a moment of silence.

Maybe the Specialized Angel can bring my Suzy back to me (Suzy is what I named my bike).  

[photo by kwc]

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have a sad bike

I'm having bike problems.  Hopefully nothing major.

I haven't been real biking in a while anyway, probably around 4th of July, I can't remember.  But things were fine then.

Although that's when I started to notice that my fork looked like it was leaking or something.  I'm still not sure if it's just dirty (I know I should clean it) or if it's lube or something.

Also, when I start to mash on the pedals, the chain slips.  I had a friend test it out and we took turns watching each other on the bike to see what it did and he thinks that the rear hub is locking up and it just stops everything.  The chain feels and looks fine and the front derailleur is good.  Also, the rear is in line too.

Other than that, I need some new brake pads and maybe a light cable adjustment.  I can do the brakes myself but you'd think I knew how to properly adjust the cables by now.  

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trek Stop Vending Machine

I'm a Specialized guy myself but this is pretty cool.  But this is just a pretty neat idea.  It sells chain lube, energy bars, water bottles... but you can get air in your tires at any time and it even has a bike stand to hold your bike.

I would love it if they made one of these here.  Regardless of if it's Trek or not, I think this is a great way to jumpstart the biking community if your area.

It would get me on the bike more often especially for commuting.  Having a bike vending machine would probably get a lot of people on their bikes. 

Oh, there have been some times I needed some bike stuff but the shop was closed, and going to this would be perfect!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mountain Biking in the DC Area

I just moved here about a week and a half ago, but I already want to get out there and hit the trails.  I have no idea where they are though!

Maybe to just satisfy my biking itch, I'll ride with my brother when we go visit for the 4th.  We may spend the night so that would be fun.  

There are some trails around the Newark, DE area that aren't too bad.  And I heard the skills trail at Middle Run (?) have been totally built up.

But everybody around here in Alexandria ride their bikes so whenever I see them out, it makes me want to get on my bike!

A Specialized Epic may not be totally made for commuting, but it's got gears and a saddle, I'm sure it will be just fine.  I do need to do some work to it though, I think I need a brake adjustment, maybe just some new pads...

Like I mentioned before, I met a guy at work that seems really into cycling and has like 5 or 6 bikes.  Oh boy!  Don't get me excited!  Although, even if I really wanted to, I probably can't get any more bikes unless I have a real way to store them.

Have you guys cycled around the DC area? Or around northeast virginia?  I'm sure I'll find something soon!

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Mountain Biking

I just moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Alexandria, Virginia.  Although I'm still working with the same company, it's a totally different place and making friends can be a hard start at first.

Tulsa wasn't an amazing city of outdoors people and biking to work... although they did have quite a bit to offer, it wasn't like the bike friendly community that Alexandria is.  

But, finding friends in the workplace that have similar hobbies is a crap shoot.

I lucked out.  I found a guy I work with that scuba dives, mountain bikes, does 24 hour adventure races, rock climbs... this guy does it all!  And he's from Delaware (I grew up there) too!

That's all I wanted to say for now.  Just an update on moving and trying to fit in.  Where are my usual friends?  They need to move out here...

Oh, and we sold Jenni's bike.  The FSR.  Yeah, she gave mountain biking a shot but she really would feel more comfortable on a cruiser.  That blue and red Bianchi Milan looks pretty good...